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One stop shop for approx 2500 places, things and other stuff for parents with children up to 12 years old;
covers the greater Sydney metropolitan area (from Newcastle to Blue Mountains to Wollongong, Australia).



love laughter and parenting

by Steve & Shaaron Biddulph

From birth to age six, this funny and informed book is chock full of real life stories with guides to overcoming all the normal parenting challenges.

sydney for under fives

Sydney for Under Fives

by Seana Smith

The best of Sydney for parents with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. (Australia)

Sydney For Under Fives includes everything you need to know about:

  • family-friendly cafes and restaurants
  • the best beaches, baths and pools
  • soft play and adventure playgrounds
  • zoos and wildlife reserves
  • playgroups and playgrounds
  • great stroller walks
  • baby-friendly cinemas

plus toy libraries, parenting classes, activities for kids, theatre and music and more.


Pregnancy and Childbirth
Lots of useful info and resources

HELP! My Baby Won’t Stop Crying …

One of the most frustrating situations for new mothers which leaves them feeling totally helpless and inadequate is when the newborn baby won’t stop crying. In extreme cases when a baby cries too long, too often, the care giver shakes the baby which can cause irrepairable damage and even death.

Why do babies cry? The obvious answers are hunger, tiredness, wet, sick, in pain, or wanting attention.

When the crying goes on and on, even the calmest rational adult can be brought to tears of frustration, possibly aided by sleep deprivation, and is at a loss what to do. No matter how stressed you are, NEVER SHAKE A BABY – ever. Shaking causes brain damage, epilepsy, spasticity, blindness and terror.

What to do? If you’ve tried everything:

  • wrap baby in a soft blanket and place in the cot
  • leave the room
  • call a friend for moral support, make a cup of tea, have a good cry with your friend or partner
  • after a few minutes, check on your baby again
  • perhaps baby needs to hear a heartbeat – put on a baby sling which keeps the little possum close to your heart, or an Old Wives’ Tale is to wrap a ticking clock in warm material and place in the cot
  • ask a friend to come over to watch baby while you have a hot shower without worrying
  • put a warm baby “hottie” in with baby (like a hot water bottle, but filled with millet which you can heat up in a microwave)
  • do not feel abandoned, alone, unable to cope – pick up the phone and call for help – many mothers and care givers go through this exact same feeling of helplessness; you are NOT alone …

In Australia, call one of these numbers for moral support and help, as well as your family Doctor and Early Childhood Health Centre.



Cry Line
Child Protection and
Family Crisis Service

Sydney 02-9787-5255
Country 1-800-637-357

Australian Children’s Hospitals

Sydney – Sydney Children’s Hospital
Sydney – The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
Melbourne – Royal Children’s Hospital
Brisbane – Mater Children’s Hospital
Perth – Princess Margaret Hospital for Children
Adelaide – Women’s and Children’s Hospital

baby's footDenise Love of the Centre for Lifelong Learning advised us in August 2001 of Doulas-birth companions … established in Sydney and women are just loving the support they receive. Denise has been a childbirth educator for years, and this has been developed around women’s needs and requests. 

Denise Love, LifeOptions – Centre for Lifelong Learning
Doula Express 02 9399 5854 (int’l +61-2-9399-5854)

Do it yourself Fertility Guide 




Many couples find that when they’re ready to start a family it just doesn’t happen the way they thought. Whether due to health reasons for either partner, or the method of contraception which has been used for years, it doesn’t alleviate the worry the couple will go through. Many endure tests and eventually try fertility clinics, and some even adopt when all else fails.

In Australia, Ruth and Dennis Sharkey can offer help and hope of enhancing conception naturally – for information on how herbalism can help you conceive, please go to their websiteor call their Healing Centre on (07) 5527-2248 (within Australia) or +61-7-5527-2248 (if dialling from outside Australia).

Things which men and women should consider which may boost fertility:

  • men should avoid hot spas, tight underwear and tight pants and trousers
  • testosterone-boosting exercise affects fertility – refrain from over-exercising and weight lifting
  • give us smoking
  • stop taking the Pill 3 months before trying to conceive
  • avoid coffee, chips, cola and soft drinks, anything food or drink laced with chemicals

The Sharkeys success rate is quite high with their patients, with most falling pregnant within three to four months.

(see article on p.42 of the Australian New Idea Magazine, Oct 7,2002)

Chinese Medicine

The Chinese Herbal Gynaecology Clinic in Melbourne believes both partners need to take up gentle exercise (including Tai chi or Yoga), stop eating junk food, eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and fresh food, to enhance their chances of conceiving. For more information, please phone (03) 9654-7181 in Australia or +61-3-9654-7181 outside Australia.


Water Safety

The Royal Life Saving Society Australia and Pfizer have created the Keep Watch Parent Water Safety cassette, to educate parents and carers of young children, available FREE from RLSSA.

General Parenting Sites
Kidslife – Australian Scholarships Group on Making Parenting Easier 

Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA)

South Australian Government Health Unit Baby Care Advice – Australia
Is your baby having trouble sleeping? Seek the advice of a professional child health nurse at Book an appointment by phone or Internet chat to discuss any baby or child care problem and stop the tears.

Health Nannies Nutrition
Info on breastfeeding
Australian Breastfeeding Association
See their article, “Questions to ask when hiring
a nanny”
Foodwatch & nutrition 

Heart Foundation
The baby food people have some good articles on baby’s health
A support group for nannies and a resource for parents seeking a professional nanny.
Pregnant on Prozac 

Psychologist Lauren Slated suffered mental illness at 14, but with Prozac managed to find balance in her life … until she becaome pregnant. Should she take the drugs and risk her unborn baby’s life? Should she stay off the drugs to have a healthy baby, but lose herself to darknes and despair in the process? Lauren has written a remarkable book about her journey called Love Works Like This, which was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend on March 22, 2003.

Links for Mothers Links for Fathers
A focus on mothers
Lots of links and articles for fathers
A focus on working moms
A site for stay at home dads
Home-Based Working Moms
Work at Home Moms
A focus on working women
Sites for Shopping On-Line

Help With Baby’s Finances Links for Grandparents
Has a calculator to determine the cost of
raising a child

Travelling with Baby

For an excellent site chock-full of tips on travelling with babies and small children, visit this delightful English site, BabyGoes2.



Pregnancy Miracle Book

Pregnancy Without Gaining Pounds!

This revolutionary program has had amazing results - click to view the fabulous before & after photos!