Nanny 911 ! Sit Down Sundays!

UK Nanny and Superstar Stella Reid has been sorting out US kids for 17 years and has now returned to home ground to battle problems with UK families. The TV Nanny (Nanny 911- Fox TV and ITV2) believes that eating together as a family could change the health of the nation. Latest research from Aunt Bessie’s reveals that children who sit down with their parents at mealtimes are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, suffer depression and anxiety, or to develop heart disease, obesity or eating disorders. They are also more likely to do well at school and have high self-esteem. And yet the research reveals that the number of families in the UK that sit down together, even once a week for a traditional Sunday dinner, continues to fall. Now Nanny Stella has launched a new campaign entitled ‘Sit Down Sunday’, with the aim of calling a halt to the erosion of family mealtimes.


25 Responses to Nanny 911 ! Sit Down Sundays!

  1. Lobos222 says:

    Unhealthy parents = unhealthy children.
    Dumb parents = dumb children.
    Undisciplined parents = Undisciplined children.

    Its not that hard to understand.

  2. epicmaneater says:

    she is really smart i like her

  3. rkzenrage says:

    Undisciplined/Unhealthy/Unintelligent parents can encourage their kids to be better than they if they can get their ego under control.
    It is rare, though.

  4. tigergogoradio says:

    Nanny Stella is amazing. She’s a great person.

  5. LibertyJunkie says:

    I eat all meals with my kids and my husband has dinner with us every night. I still cant get my daughter to use her fork???

  6. bannedvideosmaker says:

    Its seams so many lads and lasses are being arrogant to me and it seams im the only humble lad left

  7. Alex86658 says:

    lol, my aunt is mates with her and she is the one who got her to go on the show. When I was staying with my uncle in LA Last year, she came over for dinner, she is not a nice person in front, she is very stuck up and up her arse!!!

  8. 440lucas says:

    i love how she talks!!!!

  9. nueve26k says:

    Nanny 911 is a pretty good show. Anyone else notice that nearly all the people on the show are wealthy?

  10. jazz352 says:

    ME 2.

  11. roark20 says:

    LOL stella looks like a cow.

  12. collegespy2008 says:

    I’m sure all the nannies went to college. I’m sure they all passed child development. This show is interesting for when I have kids in a few years.

  13. collegespy2008 says:

    Usually a lot of children fight!

  14. TotalEclipse07 says:

    She’s my hero. <33

  15. ggbllsuperman1 says:

    shes my favorite nanny out of the 2 nannys i think…..

  16. sexysharples says:

    go stella, you’ve worked hard the last 15 years ive known you. wahooo ur hard work payed off…..x x x

  17. tuxedoxxxx says:

    She’s my most favorite nanny. Very tough but very loving person

  18. meowmeowkitty3 says:

    I like this lady, she is a cool chick…what part of England is she from?

  19. BEATHROKZ says:

    Burnley, Northern England

  20. Babe5677 says:

    I love Nanny Stella Reid so much she is my hero. I wish she was my Nanny. I wrote to her a few weeks ago I contacted her via her webiste. And a few days later she wrote back to me with a lovely e-mail and she said she’s going to send me a signed photo of her with my name on it how good is that? When she put thanks for watching Nanny 911 and for being my number one fan I just smiled. I always watch her and Nanny Deb and Nanny Yvonne on Nanny 911 on ITV 2. I love you Nanny Stella Reid. Xxxxxxxxx.

  21. roark100 says:

    honistly honey do u think anyone of us gives a flying fuck that ur firends with a fat lady. plus u are are bad at lieing

  22. TheyH8MePoopsie says:

    seriously, honestly, truly ,do you think i give a shit what anyone thinks, especially you.
    what’s important is ME .
    nobody, especially you, have a place on youtube to mention “fuck” to anyone but ME!
    thrush your herpes covered tongue and stick it up a fishy yeast infect cunt.
    Or go lick a sweaty red rash cum curled clogged gaping butt hole.


    Burnley, Lancashire

  24. fyourcouchnigga says:

    She almost laughed at herself when she talked about childhood obesity

  25. TheHaruNatsumi says:

    A good show for laughs

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