Super Nanny

I love Super Nanny Jo Frost

She’s so warm and loving towards all the children and families she helps, and her advice is sage (wise) and honest.

I recommend Super Nanny to everyone 🙂


I recently saw an episode where a 12 year old girl had such a low self-esteem and thought she wasn’t pretty, when in fact she was. After poring over girlie and fashion magazines every day after school, the girl believed she wasn’t perfect enough and wouldn’t leave the house without makeup – at 12 years of age! Her self-esteem had plumetted, her parents couldn’t get through to her, and it was taking over an hour each day for her to apply all the makeup products the advertising had brainwashed her into believing she needed.

Jo Frost the Super Nanny had a marvellous way of showing her how beautiful she was – she took the girl and her mother to a photo shoot, where they watched how photos are retouched, people are made to look thinner, all so-called flaws are removed until they look unbelievably perfect.

What this 12 year old girl came to realise is that what she sees in magazines is NOT real – well done Jo! This lovely little 12 year stopped wearing makeup, regained her confidence, and it was all down to Super Nanny. – Bravo!

If you are worried about parenting in any way whatsoever, the Super Nanny will be able to help you through.

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