What affect does Avastin have on male fertility?

My husband has been on Avastin for 7 months now. He is 24 years old. Does anyone know how Avastin affects fertility? Has anyone/couple had personal experience with becoming pregnant while on Avastin? Did the Avastin affect the baby? If so, how?


2 Responses to What affect does Avastin have on male fertility?

  1. izzy says:

    Avastin does not affect your sex drive and you should be able to continue sexual relations. If you are a fertile male or female contraceptive precautions should be taken.

  2. Denisedds says:

    I don’t know if it does affect it, but if it is a concern of yours and/or your husband’s the time to ask was 7 months ago. Have you spoken to his oncologist at all? If your husband is on this drug you have bigger problems than getting pregnant.

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